Residential and Commercial HVAC in John’s Creek – Why Preventative Maintenance is Critical

Residential and Commercial HVAC in John’s Creek – Why Preventative Maintenance is Critical

A preventative maintenance checkup that is skipped in John’s Creek is simply just a recipe for disaster. You risk your family’s comfort level, business occupants’ comfort levels, and the overall operations of your business. Just imagine the nightmares that will result if your business comes to a screeching halt and must shut down temporarily due to unbearable temperatures. Think of the negative impact across your entire company, in addition to the actual heating and air conditioning issues. Poor air quality found in homes and businesses is oftentimes attributed to the neglect of obtaining professional residential and commercial HVAC PM Checks. When you ignore the fact that residential and commercial HVAC systems alike require preventative maintenance, you can expect problems if you are not having those completed. Stop risking the overall condition and working status of your unit.

An HVAC preventative maintenance technician will inspect and do the following:

• A detailed examination of the entire HVAC system. All safety controls are inspected.
• Changing of all air filters. This is something many home and business owners often forget; a mistake that can lead to system overwork, poor air quality, expensive repairs and costly replacements.
• Inspect all motorized parts. Some areas may need to be cleaned and/or lubricated in order to function properly.
• A detailed inspection of electrical components. These are parts that are hidden from plain sight and an HVAC expert will make sure all wires are insulated and connections are secure.
• A double check on all belts the system requires. They may need replacing or realignment.
• A full inspection of pumps and balance blowers.

In preparation for winter, there are a few extra steps taken by your local residential and commercial HVAC company:

• Burner and assembly are inspected and cleaned.
• Removal of soot from the burner that has accumulated from the contact with fire.
• Inspecting and confirming the integrity of the inner humidifier.
• Confirming there are no cracks in the heat exchanger.
• Measuring and ensuring the air/fuel ratio for optimum efficiency of the heating system is correct.
In preparation for spring:
• Condensation lines, pans, and traps are all cleared of blockages.
• Detailed cleaning of inside and outside coils.
• Refrigerant levels are double-checked. If the levels are too low, the HVAC system is not working as efficiently as it should.

Pay attention to your senses.

Don’t ignore strange smells, strange sounds, or anything else you consider to be ‘weird, different, or off’ about your HVAC system. You would never want to take the risk of a fire starting or someone getting hurt. If you are looking for a premier residential and commercial HVAC John’s Creek company, you don’t need to look any further. One call to us at Heritage HVAC & Mechanical is all it takes for professional HVAC preventative maintenance checks to be scheduled bi-annually for your unit or units. Additionally, you will have peace of mind and comfort that occupants will be comfortable; no matter how hot or cold the Georgia months get this year!