Increase Energy Efficiency by Controlling Climate – Tips from Commercial & Residential HVAC Alpharetta Experts

Increase Energy Efficiency by Controlling Climate – Tips from Commercial & Residential HVAC Alpharetta Experts

Every company going green should never ignore the efficiency of its existing HVAC system. Research has shown commercial HVAC systems are the main cause of parasitic energy used in the commercial sector. If you are wondering what, how, and why parasitic energy is important, then be sure to read on.

PARASITIC ENERGY – It is that energy which is required to create conditioned air and allocate it all over a building. The heat that is formed during the process is discharged outside the building, thus regulating the climate. HVAC Alpharetta companies perform energy efficient measures to reduce the energy consumed during the HVAC process in your building, contributing towards optimum energy preservation for the interior climate of the building. This return additionally helps in the reduction of carbon pollution.
Here are some ways by which your company can work on overall building climate control and be more energy efficient:

1. Downscaling HVAC Modules-
According to recent reports from Energy Efficiency Consultants, HVAC modules in many large buildings contain oversized machineries that consume more energy than is required to produce the ideal temperature. One example is an Air Distribution Fan. Research states that these fans use more than 50% of the parasitic energy in commercial HVAC systems. By merely changing the size of these fans to smaller versions, companies are able to immediately reduce the carbon pollution and yearly utility bills. If you have not had a professional HVAC Alpharetta technician out yet to inspect your company’s HVAC systems, it is advisable to contact one now before the weather takes a turn for the worse. Make sure the HVAC Alpharetta Company you choose is experienced in implementing energy efficiency measures thorough the course of their inspection.

2. Upgrading the Building Envelope-
What is a Building Envelope? – It is a barrier between the exterior and interior environment of the building. The insulation in between the building walls and covers on the exterior walls are designed for the sole purpose of temperature control in the building and roof system. There are many types of building envelopes in commercial buildings. Factors like the building’s temperature needs, its construction, and the type of climate inside the building are elements of a Building’s Envelope. For bigger buildings, it may be in the best interest of the company to look into upgrading the building envelope to result in larger energy and financial savings, as well as reduced stress on the HVAC systems.

3. Upgrading Doors and Windows-
This is a well renowned strategy for eco-friendly homes to conserve energy. Homeowners have windows and doors replaced every day to start saving money on their utility bills, and to better insulate the house from harsh wind, cold, and heat. The same measures can be applied to commercial buildings as well, especially the ones that are covered in windows.

Several measures can be taken to improve the efficiency of your building’s climate control. The first step is to get your commercial building inspected by a leading Heritage HVAC technician. Contact your local HVAC Alpharetta experts today online or call (404) 606-4377.