Heating and Air Conditioning Companies in Sandy Springs – Importance of Expert PM Services

Heating and Air Conditioning Companies in Sandy Springs – Importance of Expert PM Services

Sadly, a large percentage of homeowners in and around Sandy Springs believe they don’t need a professional residential HVAC service tech for their heating and air unit. The following statement has been said more often than not by people all the country and certainly in Georgia, too. “I didn’t think I needed a HVAC professional to come out for anything. There was nothing wrong with it before. It has been working great until right now.”

However, wouldn’t you rather prevent your HVAC system from breaking down at all? Instead of forking out hundreds of dollars or more to fix/replace your home’s HVAC system after ignoring routine maintenance requirements, you will find it is much easier to pick up the phone or go online to find a select few reputable heating and air conditioning companies.


Everyone knows about that nostalgic ‘burning dust’ smell when the furnace is first turned for the cold weather months. While a brief moment of odor is normal, lingering burning smells can be indicative of a dirty unit. Furnace filters should be changed every thirty days, otherwise their job is redundant and performance of the unit is hampered. Licensed, experienced heating and air conditioning companies will ensure that residential and commercial HVAC customers alike will not be shocked when initially turning the furnace on for the season. A complete and detailed list of tasks, inspections, and checks are provided by reputable and professional heating and air conditioning companies during each and every preventative maintenance visit.


If your air conditioning unit is outside (most are), the first thing you will want to do in the spring is to hose it off thoroughly. Leaves, dirt, and debris get caught in the fins throughout the fall and winter seasons, which leads to directly compromising the integrity of the air conditioning unit. Simply washing these away improves upon the functionality and performance of the air conditioning unit, so it is ‘cool to go’ when the degrees start to rise on the inside.

Heritage HVAC & Mechanical is a leader in HVAC maintenance and services, proudly servicing the residents of Sandy Springs and metro Atlanta since 2000. For professional HVAC industry services that far exceeds the competition in the Sandy Springs area, you need to pick up the phone to give us a call or email our friendly staff. We are here to help you with all of your residential and commercial HVAC needs.