Green Ideas for Carrollton HVAC Maintenance, Optimum Efficiency, and Energy Savings

Green Ideas for Carrollton HVAC Maintenance, Optimum Efficiency, and Energy Savings

Expand Upon Your HVAC Maintenance Efforts in Carrollton with ‘Green’ Ideas
In today’s modern age of ‘going green,’ more and more people in Carrollton are using natural resources to power their home’s utilities. This lessens the ‘carbon footprint’ left by humans and reduces utility costs. Plus the efforts will work in revolutionizing your HVAC system by maximizing the energy efficiency. Here are a few green tips from expert HVAC maintenance technicians to help you in your home.

Create Your Own Breeze
If your home has ceiling fans installed, did you know you can save on your energy costs by as much as half? These simple mechanisms can reduce your summertime cooling cost by as much as 50%! In addition to the significant amount of savings in energy usage, ceiling fans are designed in hundreds of styles to compliment every home and its furnishings. Look for Energy Star rated ceiling fans at your local hardware stores to ensure you are purchasing the most efficient fan before installing.

Thermostat Take the Wheel
Most new homes these days have programmable thermostats installed. These allow homeowners to control the heating and cooling settings; what time the heat kicks on, what time to lower temps for the night, keeping a home cool during peak hours in the summer, etc. A manually controlled thermostat is tempting and convenient, but not very energy efficient with all the adjustments some people make. A programmable thermostat allows you to save energy, while also giving you the ability to have a good estimate on heating and cooling costs from month to month.
Two Layers Are Better Than One
Single-pane windows are the number one energy waster in any home. Providing very little insulation against the elements, there is nothing efficient about them. Ease the strain on your HVAC system by installing double pane windows. This is an investment that will maximize HVAC efficiency and improve upon the overall appearance of your home too.

Let the Sun Shine In
Solar energy has been utilized for years, but with recent advances in technology, solar power is now available to most homeowners at decreasing costs. HVAC maintenance professionals can connect installed solar panels to the home’s existing heating and cooling systems. So, while the sun shines, you can enjoy coffee made from solar power, but still be connected to the power grid (should there be uncooperative weather with little sunlight).

These are just some tips to help you convert to ‘green’ energy, while ensuring your HVAC system runs at maximum efficiency. The best way to launch your green energy efforts is to get in touch with a professional HVAC maintenance Carrollton company today. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly expert staff here at Heritage HVAC & Mechanical.