Boost Your Energy Efficiency with a Professional Heating and Air McDonough Cleaning

Boost Your Energy Efficiency with a Professional Heating and Air McDonough Cleaning

Going green is nothing new and with an economy in the dumps over previous years, the effort by people to reduce their energy bills is monumental. One of the most cost effective ways to stay on top of your energy usage is to keep your heating and air system in good working order, including thorough cleanings performed by a heating and air McDonough professional. Over time, all HVAC systems get dirty and then they end up with the potential of containing vast and large amounts of particles, mold, and dust. Contaminants in the HVAC system will make it work harder, shortening the life expectancy of the heating and air equipment.

The Sustainable Energy in America 2013 Factbook reports that commercial building energy efficiency has been reduced by an overall 40%. They also share the news that the energy demand on pure energy from commercial buildings has decreased 6.4% from 2007 to 2012. This quickly translates into the fact that there are numerous ways to reduce the energy usage in your home or business, but not enough people are taking advantage of these ways.

According to a report put out from the US Department of Energy, 24% – 40% of energy generated for heating and cooling purposes is wasted.

You cannot assume that replacing your HVAC filters is enough, because it is not. The entire HVAC system gets dirty and accumulates dust through normal operation. Contaminated air can lead to multiple indoor air quality issues, so it is vital to check with your HVAC professional about them in your system. You don’t want to have a home or building that causes serious health problems for people, such as respiratory problems, environmental allergies, and aggravation of autoimmune disorders. It is critical that newly installed heating and air systems are verified clean by a professional HVAC technician, since they are prone to collect enormous amounts of particles, dust, and debris during construction activities and installation.

When you have a heating and air McDonough expert technician come out and professionally clean your HVAC system, you can guarantee a few things. One, it will not have to endure harder working conditions to maintain the desired temperature setting. Two, your indoor air quality will be improved upon prioritizing the health of the people in the home or building. Three, your energy efficiency will get a swift boost up. There are many other benefits and guarantees you can count on from a professional HVAC cleaning.

To start seeing reduced energy usage and lower energy bills, get in touch with the HVAC Heritage staff today about an expert heating and air McDonough cleaning for your HVAC system.