Benefits to Using a Heating and AC Repair Stockbridge Professional

Benefits to Using a Heating and AC Repair Stockbridge Professional

Cold winter weather is rapidly approaching and HVAC professionals are getting busy again fast with heating and AC repair Rowell calls on broken down heating systems. But, in the same respect, it is also the time of year that dishonest ‘technicians’ and scam artists come calling. They have all kinds of scams and stories to get money out of you. Do you know what to look for in a professional heating and AC repair Stockbridge tech? Do you know what to look for to pinpoint scams and rip-offs? These are some of the most common rip-offs that homeowners are left in the cold to deal with.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

One of the most common rip-offs is to tell homeowners that their furnace is leaking carbon monoxide. Since everyone knows carbon monoxide is a deadly poisonous gas, it is natural to want to it fixed right away. Don’t fork over money on the spot by falling for this trick. If your furnace truly has a carbon monoxide leak, the heating and AC repair Stockbridge tech at your home will be able to prove it right then and there with a reading on their carbon monoxide meter.

Multiple Broken Furnace Parts

While it is completely natural that one or two parts of your furnace may need to be replaced, it is highly unlikely that numerous parts have broken down all at one time. If the heating and AC repair Stockbridge tech at your house tells you that several parts or components of your furnace require replacement because they are broken, then you should most definitely be worried that you may have a dishonest tech or scammer working in your home. Getting a second opinion from an established, local Stockbridge HVAC company is recommended to ensure you are not being taken.

Routine Maintenance Checks are Never Just Routine

If your routine maintenance checks seem to always require replacement of parts or repairs, then it is time to be suspicious. Routine maintenance checks are for a reason and that is to prevent breakdown and costly repairs. It is very unlikely that a qualified HVAC professional is completing superb services for you and needing to replace/repair parts during every visit. Get a second opinion from an established, reputable heating & AC repair Stockbridge company before agreeing to anything.

Inexperienced Technicians

Sometimes, the big box chain companies or new companies may send inexperienced technicians out to deal with your HVAC system problems. There are many times that the tech is just not sure of what the real problem is, so they take a guess and end up replacing an unnecessary part. If you call a large company, chain, or newly opened HVAC business, make sure you specifically ask that an experienced professional is sent to your home.

Price Inflation

Another common HVAC rip-off experienced by consumers is being quoted an inflated price on a replacement part. Since you are unaware of the real prices of HVAC system parts, you will most likely pay it without question. In order to avoid this, check out the prices of the part(s) online before paying or signing anything.

These are not all the scams run on people needing heating and AC repair in Stockbridge, but they are some of the most common. In order to prevent yourself from being scammed or winding up with inexperienced hands on your system, contact the professionals at HVAC Heritage today.