Benefits of Going Green with Buckhead HVAC Maintenance Pro’s

Benefits of Going Green with Buckhead HVAC Maintenance Pro’s

HVAC Maintenance in Buckhead – ‘Green’ Ideas

Since the world has made going green a priority, more and more Buckhead residents are powering some of their utilities at home with natural resources and HVAC maintenance checks. Not only are they lessening their ‘carbon footprint,’ they are greatly reducing their utility expenses too. Additionally, green efforts optimize the energy efficiency within the home. You can get started today with these green tips from your local Buckhead HVAC maintenance experts.

Breeze Creation

For homes with ceiling fans, energy costs can be reduced as much as half if they are used correctly. In the summer months, cooling costs can be drastically cut by creating your own breeze in the home with the fans. They work in the same regards during the winter months by flipping a switch, thus pushing the warmer air downwards. Besides the significant savings in energy usage, the selection of ceiling fans is vast to compliment hundreds of different home and furnishings styles. Be sure to purchase only Energy Star ceiling fans before installation. HVAC professionals can also help you find the best type suited for your house.

Thermostat Winners

If your home is using a manually controlled thermostat; it shouldn’t. While they do seem convenient and less of a hassle, nothing could be further from the truth. Programmable thermostats are commonly installed in new homes nowadays because homeowners can completely control all heating and cooling settings in the home. Benefits and features include being able to set a time for the heat/air to turn on and off, nighttime controls for lowering temps, and even programming the thermostat for heating/cooling a home during the cold/hot peaks in the winter and summer. All of these features maximize the energy efficiency in the home, while providing homeowners the ability to accurately estimate monthly heating and cooling expenses. Your local HVAC expert can assist you in choosing the best thermostat for your home and even install it.

Everyone Knows 2 is Better than 1

One of the biggest sources of energy ‘losers’ in a home are single-pane windows. They provide little insulation and protection against outdoor elements, making them completely inefficient for any type of energy savings. Get double paned windowed installed to lessen the demand on your HVAC system and increase the energy efficiency in your home. In addition, double paned windows greatly improve the overall appearance of any home.

For your heating and cooling system to run at maximum efficiency, going green inside with routine HVAC maintenance in Buckhead is necessary. To get started with your green energy efforts today, contact our professional staff at Heritage HVAC & Mechanical.